Official Advisory ioffers qualified interpreters in various european languages (English, French, Norvegian, German, Romanian, any combinationof these languages beeing possible ) and a high degree of experience, able to create an appropriate atmosphere favorable for the completion of your event, able to cope with difficult or unforeseen situations.

Prices for all performances are negotiable, from 100 to 500 euro per day, depending on the dificulty of the interpretation, the languages and additional costs. The prices for translations you can find here.

Price list here.

The assistance provided can cover a large number of events such as:
- Business meetings;
- Negotiations;
- Tours;
- Civil status;
- When renting / buying a home;
- The bank, insurance;
- The notary / in court;
- Seminars;
- Cultural events;
- Training and focus groups;
- Workshops;
- Tenders;
- Or at any other event for which you wish to be accompanied by an interpreter;
“Anywhere, anytime.”

About interpreted

Simultaneous interpretation services Represents oral play (as fast as possible) by the interpreter to a message sent; the interpret starts language speech playback without waiting for the speaker to finish his speech in the source language. [...]

Language courses Offer

Interpretation of international languages ​​in Romanian and vice versa will be charged at whatever the language, be it economic, social, legal, etc.. Rate interpretation [...]

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